5 Ways I’m Pursuing Unity and How You Can Too

Do you drink coffee in the mornings? I got a Keurig for Christmas from my mom, and I love having just one perfect, delicious cup. I don’t drink it every morning, but there is something special about holding the warm cup in my hand on a cold blustery day. And now as my kids are… Continue reading 5 Ways I’m Pursuing Unity and How You Can Too

Dear Anxiety, Let’s Break Up

anxiety I'm not sure how it happens, but sometimes it's just there, sneaking in unnoticed. I can't call it by name at first, but it feels familiar, like an old friend. An old, unwelcome, toxic, ex- boyfriend that keeps coming back around and won't take a hint. The other day I read this parenting article… Continue reading Dear Anxiety, Let’s Break Up

A note to the Fatherless on Father’s Day

It was Fall of 2006, the setting a small candlelit room somewhere in Indiana. I was at a weekend retreat and was prayerfully contemplating taking communion. Communion is a way to remember Christ's death for us. What God spoke to me during that prayer time was quiet, but not subtle. I knew that I could… Continue reading A note to the Fatherless on Father’s Day

What it’s Like Living with Bipolar

If you're up in the middle of the night, you're not alone. There's something to be said for not ordering Starbucks at 5pm....but there is much to be said FOR doing so. 🙂 The other night I couldn't sleep, by no fault of Starbucks. You see, I have a disorder called Bipolar. I was diagnosed… Continue reading What it’s Like Living with Bipolar

Red Writing on the Wall

I was standing in the kitchen, noticing the details I recognized from my childood, lamenting about how different it was to be in this space without her. The orange-brown carpet, the heavy wooden hutch against the paneled walls, and the stoop that served as our time machine when we were little and carefree. None of… Continue reading Red Writing on the Wall


Mamas, you know this is true. Thankfulness. It's when the kids smear peanut butter into the carpet but you think, "At least it isn't poop." Thankfulness. It's when the kids poop on the closet floor and you think, "At least it isn't on the carpet." I could just end it there, but that feels wrong,… Continue reading Thankfulness

6 Things I’ve Learned While Waiting on What May Never Come

Have you ever wanted something so desperately that you thought maybe God would withhold it just to "test you"? I don't know where I got this notion that God does this, but I still battle it. Here I am again, like Eve in the garden. I see the fruit and I want it. And I… Continue reading 6 Things I’ve Learned While Waiting on What May Never Come