Right on Time

Winter this year has been a record breaker. Almost two feet of snow has fallen in February alone, and we’ve gotten our vehicles stuck in the snow no less than seven times. So, when Brandon came in to ask me to help push the van out of the driveway, I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. But somehow, God always meets us in the little, ordinary moments.

I was fresh out of the shower and it was almost 3:30PM, time to pick up Ryerson from Kindergarten and head to church for AWANA at 4:00PM. After several minutes of pushing the van to no avail, I had icicles in my hair, snow up to my knees, and sweat covering my back. “Try the other car,” I suggested. And just like that, we had both of our cars stuck in our driveway.

I threw my shovel to the ground and started my brisk walk to the school, just a few blocks away. I was so worried about Ryerson standing at the school alone, wondering if he thought he’d been forgotten. From a distance I watched as the last bus pulled away and I quickened my pace. Was he scared? Did he feel lonely? Worried?

As I rounded the corner to the office, my glasses fogged, wet and icy hair clinging to my forehead, I saw him sitting there with his backpack.

I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed his cheeks. “I’m so sorry I’m late! We’re you scared? Did you think we’d forgotten you?”

He looked me in my eyes.

“No, I knew you’d come eventually.”

A sigh of relief. He trusts us. He feels safe. He knew we’d come.

In the middle of the night when all my thoughts flood me, I realized something. Jesus will come eventually. I don’t need to be afraid or feel forgotten, because He IS coming. He will not leave us as orphans. He calls us His own.

So in those moments when you’re standing outside the school watching everyone get picked up but you, trust that your Father has not forgotten you. Trust that you’re loved, and that when He comes for you (and He will if you’re a follower of Jesus), He will grab your face in His hands and assure you, “I’m right on time.”

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