Do What Scares You

Have you ever read a book that changed your life?

“I thought it was Just Me (but it isn’t)” by Brene’ Brown is one of mine. She’s a shame researcher whose impact on my life has been profound.

I realized through reading her book that a big portion of my life was/is being lived out of shame. Guilt and shame are similar but different. Guilt is saying, “I feel really bad about forgetting Mom’s birthday.” Shame is saying, “I forgot Mom’s birthday. I’m so dumb. I’m so forgetful. I’m such a bad person for doing that.” Shame is a character judgment. It’s a belief that you’re not worthy of love and connection. I’ve talked about my idol of caring about what others think before, but it’s a battle I’m still fighting daily. Brene’ Brown talks a lot about how to be resilient to shame, vulnerability being at the top of the list.

Honestly, vulnerability is scary. This blog is scary. I’m not afraid that no one will read it, I’m afraid of what will happen if people do read it. There it is again… what will people think? I’ve been tempted to delete posts, or to edit them to be less vulnerable, but I believe that God can use that vulnerability to encourage you, so I leave it.

Brene’ has another book that I’m currently reading called “Daring Greatly” that resonates with me about writing this blog. On page 64 she quotes,

Regardless of the outcome, you’ve already dared greatly, and that’s totally aligned with your values; with who you want to be.”

This blog is my way of daring greatly. What is God calling you to do that scares you? How can you dare greatly and be vulnerable in the face of shame today?

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